Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sheree wears a Chinese style Kimono and Traditional Chinese clogs with a twist. Hair high in a bun - she is definitely channelling Geisha Girl!
In gloom of the economic crisis, one country is faring notably well, reaping the rewards of their booming economy. China are becoming power consumers, with designers like Chanel and Dior paying for A-list Chinese stars to come to their shows. (MAU, 2012) Christian Dior in Paris hosted five stunning unknown Chinese women in the prime seats - a good forecast of future of the fashion world’s front row. 
China’s retail sales rose 18.7% in May 2010 (, 2012), and there is significant research that shows these affluent Chinese consumers ‘trust’ and prefer foreign designer names. Chinese residents made over 30 million overseas trip in early 2011. (, 2012) With a tourism industry only expected to boom, department stores, airlines, hotels, if not entire cities are beginning to cotton on to the power-country, showering Chinese customers with tailored services and perks. 
The Chinese female consumer is also changing, the country breaking out from its male dominated roots. Chinese women are now catching up to men in luxury consumption.   Females contribute more than 50% to this market (Ni, 2012) and fashion is beginning to taylor to Chinese taste like this girls wooden clog heel and kimono style jacket. 

WGSN (2011) identify’s how catering to Chinese tourists will benefit European brands.  Designers are employing Chinese prints in a bid to appeal to this market. Hermes new brand, Shang Xia sells ready-to-wear decorative prints inspired by China. Chloe has made a limited edition bag in ‘Chinese red’. (, 2012) Expect to see Chinese influences such a prints and colours, even takes on traditional Chinese attire like the artistic green and yellow of Sheree’s kimono filter down through our designers and retails.

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