Thursday, 29 March 2012

Modern Day Hippy

War: What a rort emblazoned across her chest.  3d flower headpiece reminiscent of a 60’s flower child. A Peace symbol pendant. This young activist chooses to wear her heart on her sleeves - literally. 
Jessy, 21, says “I picked this shirt cause I genuinely agree with the message,” and has tapped into a trend that is set to explode as consumers search for fashion making a social statement.
Ben Rattray, CEO of predicted social activism will explode across the internet in 2010 onwards. Understandably so - our lives have become saturated with online social-media platforms. Online tools have become the roots of social change and everyone wants to be apart of them.  The world is seeing a wave of uprisings, protests and revolutions: Arab dictators swept away, public spaces occupied, slum-dwellers in revolt, cyberspace buzzing with utopian dreams.
Think Occupy Wall street or Kony 2012. It is now not only cool, but expected of youth to take some sort of social stand. TBWAWorldwide shows that in 2011, 70% of young American adults considered themselves social activists.  And this has filtered down to the very threads adorning many a young street styler. WGSN (2012) describes the consumer trend ‘Give-a-nomics’; trending towards purchasing that allows the consumer to give to charity and aid. Retailer FishEddy (New York) recently decked out their window display in Occupy Wall street style visual merchandising. We are now seeing these translated into not only single garments but entire outfits like Jessy’s 60’s activist inspired ensemble. Outfit’s, moreover, put together for a real social point and purpose.

Photos by Laura Evans
As winter looms ever closer, it’s encouraging to see that ‘active feeling’ will merge into the cooler months. Josef proves that sports luxe CAN be adapted to high fashion/street wear. Teaming a voluminous puffer vest with a Sport brand LACOSTE tee and Vans creates a stylish, fitness conscious look with ease. 
WGSN (2012) predicts sportswear to be a key look, in many designer collections to come and pinpoints oversized sports-inspired outwear, casual body-shapes with layering to playing a key role.
Despite the credit crunch, consumers are willing to spend their hard earned cash on health and designers are cottoning onto this appealing industry. The ANZ consumer trends report (2007) says heath, is a ‘luxury’ good on which consumers will spend their money. Health has been one of the fastest growing components of household expenditure in recent years. (Rodrigues, 2007)
Celebrity endorsement plays a key role in the lucrative industry. Think; Kim Kardashian Skechers or Roger Federer for Rolex. Celebrities are viewed as having highly attractive and likable qualities adding value to the sporty product thanks to a combination of the physical attractiveness and status of ‘the athlete.’ (Bush A, Bush V, Martin, 2004, pg109) On the flip side, Roger Federer, hailed tennis great, adds the health conscious prowess to Rolex. 
As the 2012 London Olympics approach, take your marks for a burst of sporty inspiration. Emporio Armani will be kitting out the Italian Olympic team to launch it’s EA7 line. (Hirschmiller, 2012) Sport-stars will be featured in the add campaign and the whole team will wear the clothes and accessories throughout the games. I love their sporty slogan “Running towards your dreams makes sense.” (Hirschmiller, 2012) It’s easy to see why sport and fashion are integrating so effortlessly and why street stylers see it as a desirable image.

Sheree wears a Chinese style Kimono and Traditional Chinese clogs with a twist. Hair high in a bun - she is definitely channelling Geisha Girl!
In gloom of the economic crisis, one country is faring notably well, reaping the rewards of their booming economy. China are becoming power consumers, with designers like Chanel and Dior paying for A-list Chinese stars to come to their shows. (MAU, 2012) Christian Dior in Paris hosted five stunning unknown Chinese women in the prime seats - a good forecast of future of the fashion world’s front row. 
China’s retail sales rose 18.7% in May 2010 (, 2012), and there is significant research that shows these affluent Chinese consumers ‘trust’ and prefer foreign designer names. Chinese residents made over 30 million overseas trip in early 2011. (, 2012) With a tourism industry only expected to boom, department stores, airlines, hotels, if not entire cities are beginning to cotton on to the power-country, showering Chinese customers with tailored services and perks. 
The Chinese female consumer is also changing, the country breaking out from its male dominated roots. Chinese women are now catching up to men in luxury consumption.   Females contribute more than 50% to this market (Ni, 2012) and fashion is beginning to taylor to Chinese taste like this girls wooden clog heel and kimono style jacket. 

WGSN (2011) identify’s how catering to Chinese tourists will benefit European brands.  Designers are employing Chinese prints in a bid to appeal to this market. Hermes new brand, Shang Xia sells ready-to-wear decorative prints inspired by China. Chloe has made a limited edition bag in ‘Chinese red’. (, 2012) Expect to see Chinese influences such a prints and colours, even takes on traditional Chinese attire like the artistic green and yellow of Sheree’s kimono filter down through our designers and retails.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Double take


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Monday, 26 March 2012


Crushing on White. Preparing for a Wintery hit when I head to SanFran this weekend :):):)

Oh an this photo of Beyonce - perfect.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012




A little bit more outfit inspiration. Still love pastel dressing and metallic features. 

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Massimo Giorgetti AW 13/12


I think we all need to brace ourselves for  a massive injection of WHITE! White jeans, tees, shorts and jackets they are coming!  & also the return of the head-to-toe, black dressing. I'm hugely into gorgeous interiors at the moment. I wish I possessed just little bit more prowess in the realm of interior decorating, though moving into my new place has given me a little more practice and I think I'm getting much better. My tip is adding small details like flowers and jewellery stands. Aesthetically pleasing on their own as well as easy additions to a rooms decor.  And the cute guy with the tats just reminded me of my boyfriend <3

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