Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nothing's more beautiful than a classic.

Nothing like a little montage to feed the soul. Even though conditions are icy at present, there is definitely an anticipatory murmur of excitement for those coming spring and summer months with the announcement of the Parklife lineup in Australia and the Coachella 2012 lineup just around the corner . For all you Woodstock kids and festival heads here is a little summer lovin' to warm up the cold nights, courtesy of Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban 11/12 campaign

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Velour, architecture and killer platform to boot. LUST

Wilde indeed. And my shoe obsession grows by the day. Thank you Jeffrey Campbell, my bank account dwindles down yet again.
<3 O Wilde plaftorm by Jeffrey Campbell

Architectural dreams.

Straight from the shiny runways to your very own (and very sore) feet.
New lines and daring platforms reign supreme in some of the latest and greatest shoe collections this Autumn/Winter. Taking a little inspiration from Balencia, you can own your very own piece of wearable art for a fraction of the cost. 
Balencia heels

images from,

Ah it's that time of the year again. A time in which I lust over piece after piece making it's way down superbly crafted runways and sending a shiver of excitement and longing up my spine. Yes fashion week is officially upon us and if what we have seen three days in is any indication of what to come, then ladies, time to increase the limits on your credit cards. Im so excited to see bold, bright and feminine colours reigning supreme. Electric blues, vibrant mustards and fuchsia pinks some of the key colours cropping up in many collections.


Each designer showcased so far has brought a distinct style of their own, with hair and make-up and interior artistry to match. It's hard to pick a favourite from the vast array of breath taking collections. Every designer seems to have upped the anti from last year, bringing Australian fashion up to a whole new level of elegance. Day one saw personal favourite Bec and Bridge burst with crisp whites, soft lilacs and intricate florals with yellow and blue hues. Zimmerman duo never to be surpassed, their pieces oozed feminine class; a mix of flowing maxis and tailored pants in irresistibly soft pastels. The biggest colour pop of them all (so far) Camilla and Marc, always impressive saw those brights colours set in simple cuts and designs set against intricately patterned pieces. Shakuhachi (always personal favourite) brought 70's glamour alive in bright maxis and shimmery silk fabrics and mini's in pastels and geometric designs.

Other highlights include Bianca Spender, Kirrily Johnston, Kate Sylvester, well, basically everyone. I'll say it again, i've never been so impressed than I am this year.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Haute Collection; 
An assortment of fashionably elegant and utterly beautiful things.

So here I am.  I've finally taken the plunge and joined the mesh of the fashion bloggers.  Admittedly, it feels good to be that little more immersed in the online world of style then I already was and to be able to share with all of you, my fashion inspirations, loves and any thing else that might just take my fancy on the day! 

As a journalism student at QUT creativity and inspiration isn't hard to come by.  I constantly find myself a million miles away, dreaming of the sharp and architectural pleasures of Alexander McQueen, or the unique feminine pieces of Diane Von Furstenberg.  Im constantly on the hunt for new and ground-breaking style inspiration and i'm currently in a long-term love affair with the realm of online shopping. Well really the world of style in its entirety.  Never will a day go by that I haven't logged on to the plethora of online stores on my home page.  Needless to say, a day when a little red postage parcel arrives with my name on it is a good day indeed! 

I'm very strongly for creativity and individuality.
My style reflects these values.  (And changes on a daily basis) The outfits I don seek inspiration anywhere from new vintage to Haute Couture and are strongly dependant on my current lusts and muses.  I'm inspired by my surrounding and what's going on in the world of fashion. 

So while I will try not to fill these pages with over-oppionated rants (sometimes hard to avoid) I will drool over the most budget-crushing pair of shoes, covet the dress of the season and debate over the merits of the latest trends.

XX Laura