Thursday, 29 March 2012

As winter looms ever closer, it’s encouraging to see that ‘active feeling’ will merge into the cooler months. Josef proves that sports luxe CAN be adapted to high fashion/street wear. Teaming a voluminous puffer vest with a Sport brand LACOSTE tee and Vans creates a stylish, fitness conscious look with ease. 
WGSN (2012) predicts sportswear to be a key look, in many designer collections to come and pinpoints oversized sports-inspired outwear, casual body-shapes with layering to playing a key role.
Despite the credit crunch, consumers are willing to spend their hard earned cash on health and designers are cottoning onto this appealing industry. The ANZ consumer trends report (2007) says heath, is a ‘luxury’ good on which consumers will spend their money. Health has been one of the fastest growing components of household expenditure in recent years. (Rodrigues, 2007)
Celebrity endorsement plays a key role in the lucrative industry. Think; Kim Kardashian Skechers or Roger Federer for Rolex. Celebrities are viewed as having highly attractive and likable qualities adding value to the sporty product thanks to a combination of the physical attractiveness and status of ‘the athlete.’ (Bush A, Bush V, Martin, 2004, pg109) On the flip side, Roger Federer, hailed tennis great, adds the health conscious prowess to Rolex. 
As the 2012 London Olympics approach, take your marks for a burst of sporty inspiration. Emporio Armani will be kitting out the Italian Olympic team to launch it’s EA7 line. (Hirschmiller, 2012) Sport-stars will be featured in the add campaign and the whole team will wear the clothes and accessories throughout the games. I love their sporty slogan “Running towards your dreams makes sense.” (Hirschmiller, 2012) It’s easy to see why sport and fashion are integrating so effortlessly and why street stylers see it as a desirable image.

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