Thursday, 12 July 2012


Black and white and silvers in between. A few little things that have caught my eye today, reminiscent of a noir film. 
Lets start from the top and pause on these exquisite holographic-like pants. Ah! Shop them here.
Similar to the pearlescent pieces seen in Stella McCartney's collection I showcased earlier. I think piercing the neons and pastels of spring with a drop of liquid metal is the perfect compliment for those daring enough to don this trend. 

Images: Studdedhearts, theyallhateus, Snob

Monday, 25 June 2012


Zimmermann Resort Swim 2012 campaign video

Think warm thoughts!

There is something about Winter that evokes an inherent sense of 'season envy' in me. Staring out my window, waiting for the drizzle falling from a blanketed sky to cease, hindering my (very sporadic) exercise regime, I can't help but feel trapped in the frosty abyss. So what does any emotional and irrational fashionista do to pass the time? Become lost in endless reams of summery images and pieces as I attempt to take myself to a place that feels so unattainable at present.

Thinking warm thoughts.

Source: Theyallhateus, Tuula, Fashiontoast, Snob

Sunday, 24 June 2012

VIP Garden Party

Stell McCartney herself x

A Trademark two-piece suit, Spring prints and a plush lawn greener than the envy of us sitting here at home and NOT at the Stella McCartney Resort 13 Garden Party. Pastel is a big theme for many a 12/13 collection, but what McCartney does so well is combine the classic silhouette with an unexpected and modern twist. (Read: Surprise animal print, textural fabrics, metallic accessories.)

The exclusive garden party was a wonderful English affair complete with a brass jazz band, a lemonade stand and carnival games.

Peppered with celebrities, the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jim Carey and Greta Gerwig enjoyed some croquet and finger food, while models in McCartney's enviable pieces blew bubbles and danced the day away.

Tooooo jealous!

Images from Harpers Bazaar

Friday, 15 June 2012

Oh Stella!

Have plucked the purest white and most luminescent looks from the Stella McCartney's Resort 13 look book.

Always so clean and feminine, this collection boasts an ethereal pastel and white pallet with a hint of pearlescent, and the occasional ray of sunlight. WANT: Silver pumps and the tri-toned Sweaters!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


As the online platform dominates most forms of social interaction and business, the rise in eCommerce, that is, the buying or selling of products over electronic systems, is altering the way in which consumers direct their money, forcing retailers to re-assess product marketing. 

The internet, inclusive of mobiles (mCommerce), has become house to the largest retail stores in the world. Think ASOS, Shop Bop, Topshop, the list is endless.
mCommerce is expected to reach $31 billion in revenue by 2015 (Mulpuru, 2011). If that isn't proof enough that retailers need to get online and on smart phones I don't know what is! There are a few different ways in which retailers can enhance the shopping experience.

A) Relationships and Experience
Shopper needs have not changed, but digital technology has opened up new ways to meet those needs. (Rumsey, 2012) This is altering relationships between the retailer and the consumer as eCommerce takes over traditional selling platforms. Originally, when the purchase ends, so does the conversation. New technology is helping the purchase be the start of conversations. 
The Net-a-porter Window Shop (2011) allowed customers to view the shops stock on a projector screen and, having downloaded the app on their phone, could scan the item and purchase online. The success of the event can be attributed to the ‘behavioural revolution.’ (Rumsey, 2012) This is the trend of the 24hr shopper, comfortable buying on the move but is also after experiential stores.
B) Emailing
Emailing has become a must in securing the return of, and new business to a retailer. The plethora of technology on-the-go means consumers turn to emails for quick doses of culture inc monthly updates, sales and trend forecasting. 
Personal subscription is fast becoming part of the zeitgeist modern retail. Customers join a club, complete a personal style survey and receive direct links to products that reflect their style choice that they can purchase for a flat rate, thus retaining customer loyalty. 
Beachmint (below) generated $38.5 million through subscription services in collaboration with celebrity designers across six different retail sectors. It is a breakthrough online platform offering a totally new way to shop and feel connected! Its all about your personal style and wants - and that's what you get when you sign up. (As well as the privilege of an A-lister hand picking your product)

B) Social Platforms

Through the use of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, retailers can collate data directly from the customers who, through voting and comments, indicate favoured products. This data can be used by retailers to project future sales and predict supply and demand. ASOS regularly employs online competitions and encourages consumers to ‘like’ images to predict the products potential success. They also engage the ASOS follower through social media, offering them chances to win holidays, wardrobes and even jobs! This new way of engaging is not only beneficial to the shopper, but helps promote and further the growth of the company.

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Winter Approaches

After spending three glorious weeks in California, experiencing all sorts of weather and loving every second of it, I am, for the first time in recollection, excited about the prospect of this looming Winter!

Ha, never thought I would hear myself say this - I know once the deep freeze rolls around i'll be winging and wining, but I promise to attempt to distract myself with glorious fur, sky-high ankle boots and winter goodies from work. 

Oh and I threw in a Rosie cause lets face it, she is impeccable. 


Monday, 2 April 2012

On the streets of San Francisco

Currently enjoying a larger-than-life adventure, halfway across the globe in amazingly diverse and insanely beautiful California.  True - I am struggling through single digit degrees, though the one bonus that coincides with this frosty weather is the potential for effortless layering. This always takes style to another degree of epic.

Spotted this blonde beauty in eye catching, ASOS floral crop pants, an double breasted coat and loafers. The mix of feminine prints with the androgynous coat and shoes is a juxtaposition made in heaven. (SanFran)

The sunnies and tote bag take this trendy outfit to a street-appropriate level. She looks as cool as I feel!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Modern Day Hippy

War: What a rort emblazoned across her chest.  3d flower headpiece reminiscent of a 60’s flower child. A Peace symbol pendant. This young activist chooses to wear her heart on her sleeves - literally. 
Jessy, 21, says “I picked this shirt cause I genuinely agree with the message,” and has tapped into a trend that is set to explode as consumers search for fashion making a social statement.
Ben Rattray, CEO of predicted social activism will explode across the internet in 2010 onwards. Understandably so - our lives have become saturated with online social-media platforms. Online tools have become the roots of social change and everyone wants to be apart of them.  The world is seeing a wave of uprisings, protests and revolutions: Arab dictators swept away, public spaces occupied, slum-dwellers in revolt, cyberspace buzzing with utopian dreams.
Think Occupy Wall street or Kony 2012. It is now not only cool, but expected of youth to take some sort of social stand. TBWAWorldwide shows that in 2011, 70% of young American adults considered themselves social activists.  And this has filtered down to the very threads adorning many a young street styler. WGSN (2012) describes the consumer trend ‘Give-a-nomics’; trending towards purchasing that allows the consumer to give to charity and aid. Retailer FishEddy (New York) recently decked out their window display in Occupy Wall street style visual merchandising. We are now seeing these translated into not only single garments but entire outfits like Jessy’s 60’s activist inspired ensemble. Outfit’s, moreover, put together for a real social point and purpose.

Photos by Laura Evans
As winter looms ever closer, it’s encouraging to see that ‘active feeling’ will merge into the cooler months. Josef proves that sports luxe CAN be adapted to high fashion/street wear. Teaming a voluminous puffer vest with a Sport brand LACOSTE tee and Vans creates a stylish, fitness conscious look with ease. 
WGSN (2012) predicts sportswear to be a key look, in many designer collections to come and pinpoints oversized sports-inspired outwear, casual body-shapes with layering to playing a key role.
Despite the credit crunch, consumers are willing to spend their hard earned cash on health and designers are cottoning onto this appealing industry. The ANZ consumer trends report (2007) says heath, is a ‘luxury’ good on which consumers will spend their money. Health has been one of the fastest growing components of household expenditure in recent years. (Rodrigues, 2007)
Celebrity endorsement plays a key role in the lucrative industry. Think; Kim Kardashian Skechers or Roger Federer for Rolex. Celebrities are viewed as having highly attractive and likable qualities adding value to the sporty product thanks to a combination of the physical attractiveness and status of ‘the athlete.’ (Bush A, Bush V, Martin, 2004, pg109) On the flip side, Roger Federer, hailed tennis great, adds the health conscious prowess to Rolex. 
As the 2012 London Olympics approach, take your marks for a burst of sporty inspiration. Emporio Armani will be kitting out the Italian Olympic team to launch it’s EA7 line. (Hirschmiller, 2012) Sport-stars will be featured in the add campaign and the whole team will wear the clothes and accessories throughout the games. I love their sporty slogan “Running towards your dreams makes sense.” (Hirschmiller, 2012) It’s easy to see why sport and fashion are integrating so effortlessly and why street stylers see it as a desirable image.