Tuesday, 12 June 2012

B) Emailing
Emailing has become a must in securing the return of, and new business to a retailer. The plethora of technology on-the-go means consumers turn to emails for quick doses of culture inc monthly updates, sales and trend forecasting. 
Personal subscription is fast becoming part of the zeitgeist modern retail. Customers join a club, complete a personal style survey and receive direct links to products that reflect their style choice that they can purchase for a flat rate, thus retaining customer loyalty. 
Beachmint (below) generated $38.5 million through subscription services in collaboration with celebrity designers across six different retail sectors. It is a breakthrough online platform offering a totally new way to shop and feel connected! Its all about your personal style and wants - and that's what you get when you sign up. (As well as the privilege of an A-lister hand picking your product)

B) Social Platforms

Through the use of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, retailers can collate data directly from the customers who, through voting and comments, indicate favoured products. This data can be used by retailers to project future sales and predict supply and demand. ASOS regularly employs online competitions and encourages consumers to ‘like’ images to predict the products potential success. They also engage the ASOS follower through social media, offering them chances to win holidays, wardrobes and even jobs! This new way of engaging is not only beneficial to the shopper, but helps promote and further the growth of the company.

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